What do other members do when things are tough? Who do they lean on?

When things are getting a little tough? Who do you lean on? I rely on my fiancee who is a sweetheart and always there for me.

My top 3 ideas as to what to do: 1) I have saved up a letter to myself to remind myself I will get better again; 2) Recording symptoms plus taking one healthy act is my only obligation some days; 3) it is rarely unwise to go to bed to try to sleep. As to who, I am fortunate to have the support, including medical support, that I do have – but I suppose that is not enough, which is why I am here.

I am asking myself that same question. My husband is very busy working to pay my many medical bills. My family find my disease to confusing to learn about it. My kids are just kids. I use to lean on my own strengths but I have grown tired. I came to this site to lean on people like me. To find someone who understands. A place where I am not the only one.