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Thank you for welcoming me into this group. I have been treated for MCAS for several years based on symptoms/clinical evaluation: H1, H2 blockers and Chromolyn Sodium - mast cell stabilizer. Recently esophageal and gastric biopsies were stained for mast cells: CD117, A1-Tryptase and Giemsa stains.

"Giemsa stain was also performed on esophageal biopsy and showed similar finding of scattered mast cells in the lamina propria. However, no clusters of mast cells were seen in any of the biopsy.

  • Gastric mucosa with scattered mast cells in the lamina propria, up to 20-35 per high-powered (40x) objective field
  • No clusters of mast cells identified"

My list of diagnoses is long: EDS-H, migraine, dysautonomia/orthostatic intolerance, Sjogrens, Hashimotos, are but some. Now after 65 years of searching for answers and being told that it was all in my head for so many years … I am processing and having to process some more.

We are leaving our dream in the bay area having moved here a year ago to be close to family. I continue to be treated by Alan Pocinki, MD in Rockville, MD who I will see once a year. My desire is to find an allergist/immunologist in the bay area with whom I can consult. Perhaps Anne Maitland, MD of Mt Sinai could clone herself. If anyone has such a person that they have worked with, please do let me know.