Fibromyalgia and Psych Issues or Mast Cell Activation?

My chronic pain doctor, who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia ten years ago, just told me yesterday that he thinks I have Mast Cell Activation. So . . . that would change a lot. Apparently there are no specialists in my area.

I’ll list my symptoms below if anyone wants to offer an opinion as to why he might think I have MCA. Any questions about other symptoms I have not listed are welcome.

(Easy bruising, pale complexion, gas, bowel pain, constipation, malaise, fatigue, temperature dysregulation, sensitivity [chemicals, light, noise], frequent sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, pleurisy, eczema, dizziness, vertigo, edema, muscle & joint pain, headaches, numbness, tingling, burning in right foot, three month paralysis in right foot, neuropathy, brain fog, insomnia, psychological symptoms, chronic myofascial pain, migraines.)